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Teaches: Building a Fashion Brand
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Teaches: Building a Fashion Brand

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The ‘Czarina of Style’ Shamaeel Ansari delivers an illuminating and timeless encapsulation of 35 years spent at the pinnacle of South Asia’s Fashion Industry. In her stunning, first ever online course, Shamaeel gives aspiring designers unprecedented access, insight and guidance into the multi-billion dollar enterprise that is fashion in South Asia. 

  • Winner of Lux Style Awards 2011
  • Winner of Lux Style Awards 2016
  • Chairperson Fashion Pakistan Council (2011-2013, currently advisor)
  • Board of Directors at The Asian Institute of Fashion Design
  • Board of Directors at Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design
  • Member of the Board of Curriculum of Indus Valley School of Fashion Design (Currently)
  • One Of The 100 Most Influential People In Asia - The New York Press Agency(2020)

Pakistan’s iconic industry pioneer Shamaeel Ansari has taken on the role of a mentor in this exclusive fashion master class, where audiences can learn:

  • How to break into the industry
  • How to keep your brand alive through shifts in trends and culture
  • Establishing your brand’s visual identity
  • Expressing your brand’s intrinsic aesthetic in all it’s originality
  • The fundamentals of fashion research
  • Building & training your team
  • Recycling creativity with every collection
  • Paying homage to heritage
  • Using travel experiences as your mood boards
  • Cultivating the right fashion narratives around your brand
  • Connecting the narrative threads of past and present to form a truly timeless brand


Among the most exclusive collective of pioneering designers renowned across the globe, Shamaeel has spent three decades of eternal opulence forging the South Asian Fashion ‘Esprit De Corp’. 

The luminous pride, luxury and grandeur of her brand is demonstrable in her signature couture collections, traced through her ancestral heritage to the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. Conversely, Shamaeel’s seasonal pret collections convey her brand’s quality and spirit to clients through a more value-conscious approach.

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Shamaeel Ansari Teaches: Building a Fashion Brand

Course Outline

Authenticity of a Brand

Authenticity of a Brand

No limitations for your imagination; dream it, research it, locate it, live it.

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The Blue Tulip

The Blue Tulip

 “What you seek is seeking you.” (Jalaluddin Rumi). The manifestation of your inspiration - via authenticity. 

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Operations in the Present

Operations in the Present

“Fashion is a completely layered aspect, in creativity and business.” (Shamaeel)

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The Symposium of Queens

The Symposium of Queens

Threads may originate from the past: pull the threads into the contemporary times of today.

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